The Advantages of Engraved Photo Crystals

Good count is an award-winning online photo and crystal award store specialized in crystal photo and laser engraving for all your crystal photo, award and gift requirement for any special occasion. Engrave your favorite crystal photo within a fine crystal to create a truly unique, stunning, and unforgettable present! No matter the occasion or the design of your crystal photo, you can count on Goodcount to deliver the best quality crystal and award photo products that will last and serve you well for years to come. Whether you are in the process of designing an award or just looking for something nice for a loved one or colleague, you’ll find the perfect crystal photo gift to fit your needs. You’ll love the convenience and the high quality of their award-winning products, and the personalized service you receive.

To begin your crystal photo engraving, choose your photo, design and style. You’ll be given a standard design template to build your photo around, or you can choose to create your own personalized design with a simple click of your mouse. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll enter your text and select a luminous base color to use as the basis for the design of your crystal photo block. The goodcount engraver will then determine the length of your crystal block.

Goodcount’s crystal photo gifts are available in a variety of sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Your personal or business messages can be added in many unique styles: diamonds, hearts, names, phrases, etc. – and the crystal blocks are also easily imprinted with your choice of text, even on yellow gold. They are also available in a variety of styles. The easiest ones are the basic block style, which offer you a three dimensional picture for engraving; the glow in the dark variety is also very popular with the photo enthusiast, offering a three dimensional image for customisation at a low cost; and the crystal photo etched versions offer a high quality product for very high quality prices.

For those that would rather keep things simple, but still want to give a memorable gift to a loved one, a crystal photo block in portrait format is a great option. As its name suggests, this type of photo block uses an optical glass print for its base. Rather than using a standard photo block, the portrait format photo block uses an array of coloured luminous stones that can be customised to your desired effect. These lamps are usually coated with a protective coating that makes them stand out from other types of photo blocks – in particular, glow in the dark ones tend to look like old photos or photographs that have been covered with a luminous coating. Some photo block enthusiasts might prefer a photograph for each of their crystal photo presents, so an additional photo would be useful for that (this is not recommended for traditional photographic format presents, however, as these are not really portrait format – more traditional photo presents are better suited).

A crystal photo gift of this type can be personalised to suit your requirement by having it engraved; alternatively, it can also be a great photo gift for a close family member or friend. The benefit of an engraved crystal photo block is that you can request that your photograph is engraved with your chosen message, as well as any other information you want to include. There is a small charge for this service (which is only a few pence per photo), but this form of laser engraving is highly recommended over regular photo card engraving due to the increased quality of the finished product. And due to the fact that laser engraving does not use a glass plate for its base, the photo block is far safer than a regular photo card.

One of the main factors to consider when purchasing a crystal photo block is to ensure that it comes with a backing plate. The back plate will be in contact with the photo crystal during the engraving process, meaning that it is absolutely necessary that it is safe to handle, and will not damage the photo crystal during the process. The best backs for these products are plastic ones that do not contain any adhesive; this means that the product will not stick to the plate during the engraving process, but will instead simply slide down into it and then drop into the tray below. There are several types of backing plates available, so it is advisable to shop around before making your final selection. You may prefer to have a sheet of micro fibre behind the plate, which will help prevent your crystal photo from shifting, while also helping to prevent it from scratching when it is placed next to a glass surface.

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