Personalised Photo Gifts – Perfect For Any Occasion

The good count is an on-line photo and crystal award store specialized in crystal photo and laser engraved crystal photo for the award, gift, and decorative plaques for your everyday and special occasion gift and award! Laser engrave your desired crystal photo within a fine crystal to create a unique, stunning, and unforgettable gift! Whether you are looking for award or crystal photo gifts for you or a loved one, or want to thank a friend for an unexpected, lifetime of friendship, consider Goodcount. They have a large variety of crystal photo gifts available for you to choose from. Here are some things you should know about this amazing gift:

Goodcount has photo gift options available in several different styles. You can choose a crystal photo plaque or photo block that is laser gravitated. The process of laser engraving affords the photo a photographic quality often better than a printed picture could ever achieve. Photo block is also available in multiple styles, some with embossing and others with a textured surface for a more professional appearance.

If you prefer a more personal style of crystal photo gift, one of our custom photo gift options for you is a photo collage. A custom photo collage allows you to add your favourite pictures together at a particular theme to create a unique work of art. Some examples of themes we have used include golf, beach house, animals, landscape, children, and even country western! When ordering a crystal photo collage, we can engrave any picture you would like as well as insert a personal message. We can engrave the name of the recipient, or a short message such as “thank you” or “thinking of you”.

If you prefer to personalize a gift rather than choose a photo block or collage, our specialty is the crystal photo collage option. This option will allow you to add a photograph onto a clear crystal photo block, much like a picture frame. To create this type of collage, simply send us a photo through our website, and we will create a luminous base for it. From there, you can choose the shape and design of the base and add your choice of photos, either directly to the crystal collage or on top of it. After you are finished, simply place the luminous base inside of a larger clear acrylic photo block, and mount it on a stand or frame for a beautiful personal portrait format that can be displayed on any wall or shelf.

Another option for personalised crystal photo gifts is a laser photo block. This option is best for those of you who appreciate a beautiful personal item with a long life, such as a personalised crystal photo block. This type of item can be added to or taken from an acrylic plate, which can then be applied with a special type of ink to a glass plate. Once applied, photographs can be added at a later time in order to create a collage of a lifetime. For a more personal touch on your crystal photo block, send us a picture through our website, and we will apply a special coating to the glass before decorating it with your favourite pictures.

The final option for personalised photo items is a crystal photo cube. These unique photo blocks come in a variety of styles, which are perfect to decorate any desk or other surface with. In this option, we will usually request that you choose a picture that is flat, and flat (does not jut out at all) so that the photo will appear perfectly positioned when the crystal photo block is mounted inside of it. From there, you can add your choice of text (either inside the photo block or beneath the photo block) to give the finished piece a truly unique and eye-catching piece.

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